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Title: One-handed layout for Ergodox
Post by: v6ak on Tue, 14 May 2019, 16:18:14
I need one-handed layout for Ergodox for some (hopefully short) time. I have started it, but I don't like it:


* We can have a standard layout that mirrors whenever I press some key.
* For all modifier keys that matter, they should be present symmetrically on both parts, so they stay when I mirror the keyboard.
* Modifiers are primarily on thumbs cluster.
* Spacebar is not a modifier, but it is frequent enough to be handled the same way.

It looks well on paper and there is some hope to learn it quickly, because I touchtype on Ergodox and I don't have virtually any labels on my keys.

In reality, it does not work so well. Even letters (that stay on the same place or are just mirrored) are sometimes painful, but this can be a matter of getting used to. Moreover, it looks like my thumb cluster is poorly designed overall, because I often get some situation when I have hard-to-press combos.

Do you have any source for inspiration or idea how to do it better?
Title: Re: One-handed layout for Ergodox
Post by: v6ak on Wed, 15 May 2019, 02:58:38
It turns out that spacebar, while frequently needed, is not as important as the mirror key. I have swapped it with shift. Now, any modifier can be pressed together with the mirror key by thumb without any awkwadrness.

Simultaneous pressing of modifiers is still not handled well.