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Plastic exploded 75% board options
« on: Mon, 03 May 2021, 22:02:47 »
It seems like 65/75% boards with separated nav/function keys are really hot right now, and for good reason. I personally think they look great, and with more and more people shelling out for expensive keysets it seems only natural they’d want to have a bigger board to display them. The inline nav cluster also is a great spot for artisans and novelties. 

 Are there any acrylic/polycarbonate exploded 75% keyboards on the horizon? I feel like this is an untapped corner of the budget market. With the gmmk pro proving to be very successful, I could see a plastic, readily available version of the same layout becoming quite popular.

I gotta imagine kbdfans for instance I s cooking up something like this, because to me it seems like an untapped corner of the market.

Anyways, just wanted to hear other people’s thoughts about the 75% plastic centric trend that seems to be going on right now.