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--- Quote from: _rubik on Sat, 09 October 2021, 14:38:10 ---
Sure we're moving through time quickly, but it feels like there's an abundance of detail in every episode that, if removed, would help the show flow. Or at least get to the point

Granted, exposition has its time and place, but when _everything_ is backstory it loses its potency. It feels like 4 episodes of setup, and we still haven't stabilized.

--- End quote ---

I don't think it's setup, I think this is how it's gon' be,   They assume you're an advanced sci-fi enthusiast, and leave it to you to fill in gaps.

I enjoy it like this,  because it leaps over most of the dumb hughmahn stuff.   But who knows, it could turn into GOT season 8 at any time.

I'm watching, as well.

Haven't looked at your posts, because I don't want to bias myself too much.

I have a number of thoughts about the program. You can see how it's going to be divisive. I'm reserving judgement until the end of season 1.

Zomggg,,  Whoever wrote these god damn ending cliff sequences is the Devil..   

I can't wait a weeek on that .... PURE TORTURE...

The show didn't meet my memories from having read the book (10+ years ago) so I started re-reading it.
The book's chapters are very short. At ~100 pages in it is already past the timeline of the first five episodes of the TV show but there are still a lot of differences in the show from the book, not just extrapolations.
I'm a bit sad, personally, that a few details unimportant to the plot from the book (things I had remembered) weren't in the TV series though, but I suppose those could be different for everybody.

Overall I really like the show so far, but it is more drama and less philosophy. I think Asimov's style might appear a bit dated today so I don't mind some modernisation: What's important is that the major themes will have come across at the end. So, I'll also reserve final judgement until the first season has concluded.

It's only Tuesday..


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