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I made a mechanical gaming keypad

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I made a replacement for my Razer Tartarus V2. It is a gaming focused Keypad with 21 buttons, a scroll wheel and an analog joystick.

I originally used a PyBoard but had to switch to a Teensy after finding some of the PyBoard's limitations. I also couldn't get MicroPython working well on the Teensy so I had to stick with Teensyduino :(

Still, I got it working and I wrote some monitoring software in Python that runs in Windows and sends new profiles to the Teensy when different game processes are found. I am working on the web interface now to make it easy to change out mappings for different games. Full details are on the github page.

That's really nice. It has a lot of work, I like to see another choc lover.

You should be able to use it with QMK, but that's something you can try later.

very nice. great to see our type of programability on this type of gaming pad. the client running on the pc is a great idea/implementation!

Thanks! It has been quite a fun project.

I did take a look at QMK but as of now it doesn't support a Joystick HID. Looks like it will soon though. There has been a PR in the works in recent months that will add Joystick/gamepad functionality.

The other thing is that I wanted to be able to remap the keys on the fly and using QMK would require me to reflash the board to swap mappings. I tend to fiddle with key settings as I am playing a game until I settle on something that works well so I wanted to be able to change keys immediately while playing.

I probably will use QMK at some point whenever I get around to building a full custom keyboard. No idea when I'll get around to that though.

These are a couple of good reasons.

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