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[BUILD] Boardwalk/Ortho layout but its all THT componets - Help wanted!


Hello, I'm new here and could use some help. I am 100% self-taught and have no idea what I'm doing.

So I'm making a board from scratch and need someone to look over my work. --->

Here is what I have so far.

PCB Layout


Key layout

well kinda from scratch I got a lot of help from studying the discipline 65% by coseyfannitutti

I have completed a few other DIY THT Kits by other people such as the discipline v2 65%, Mercutio by Mechwild and the Pca by FFKeebs.
But, this is the first time I am doing something like this.
My buddy's boardwalk keyboard broke and he couldn't get another one. (so this is a "Fine then! I'm Going To Build My Own Keyboard With Blackjack and Hookers" type vibe.)
For this I wanted to go all in, no premade boards and all THT.
I am not an electrical engineer, and most of my other project's I had slapped on an Arduino micro and called it a day. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here.

Some frequently asked question I got.

Why is the USB-C port on its side?
When I was looking at USB-C THT components on Digi-Key I found this one that had its pins on the side and was like "Huh, That's neat." *adds to cart*

When I open the PCB gbr files or look at it in KiCad there is a giant graphic of The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai Blocking Everything!
When I was looking at other designer's PCB's I thought that mine was kinda bland, so I added a big SVG to be silk-screened on top of everything. If you're in KiCad, you can turn off the visibility of the F.Silkscreen layer so you can see the rest of the board.

I see there is a Case.step and acrylic.dxf file in there.
I looked into seeing how much it would cost to get a case CNC'ed in aluminum and anodized. (it was too expensive) so I ended up just printing one out on my 3D printer. The acrylic panel that covers the components was relatively cheap though.

Help Request

I am mostly done and really just wanted another set of eyes to look it over. Just to make sure it won't explode and catch fire after a few days of use.
I had a real REAL! hard time with the bootloader for no good reason so if someone could look over that too please.
I haven't done it yet, but I want to make this Vial compatible, so I can quickly change the key configurations. I don't even like how it's currently setup, so the default keymap needs to be changed.   defaults fixed   
Furthermore, I also wanted to know what I could improve and why, as this is my first project and I had a lot of fun with it.
I plan to do more in the future, so any advice would be much appreciated!
I don't have any plans to sell this board, but if you want to take the .GBR files and get it made for yourself, be my guest.
Just no guarantees it's going to work or is safe to use as is.

Completed my first prototype!

Also fixed the default keymap for the QMK firmware.

        KC_ESC,   KC_1,      KC_2,     KC_3,     KC_4,       KC_5,    KC_MINS, KC_EQL,   KC_6,      KC_7,      KC_8,        KC_9,      KC_0,         KC_BSPC,
        KC_TAB,   KC_Q,      KC_W,    KC_E,     KC_R,       KC_T,     KC_LBRC, KC_RBRC, KC_Y,       KC_U,     KC_I,         KC_O,      KC_P,         KC_BSLS,
        KC_CAPS, KC_A,      KC_S,    KC_D,     KC_F,        KC_G,    KC_QUOT, KC_GRV,   KC_H,      KC_J,      KC_K,         KC_L,      KC_SCLN,   KC_ENT,
        KC_LSFT,  KC_Z,      KC_X,     KC_C,     KC_V,       KC_B,    KC_DEL,    KC_END,  KC_N,      KC_M,     KC_COMM, KC_DOT,  KC_SLASH, KC_RSFT,
        KC_LCTL, KC_LGUI, KC_APP, KC_LALT, KC_SPC,  KC_SPC,                 KC_SPC,  KC_SPC,  KC_SPC,  KC_RALT,    KC_RGUI, MO(1),       KC_RCTL

Here is a time-lapse of my assembly of the prototype if anyone is interested.

Vial has been added!

But there was a cost!

Please pay your final respects to mouse button support.

"I had never used you, and you will be swiftly forgotten"

Just found this and I love it. Can I buy a unit from you? How many PCBs did you get made?

Sorry I can't offer any help, just wanted to say this looks awesome! How did you do this yourself without knowing too much about electrical engineering? I design cases and I've been wanting to do the whole kit (PCB, plate, etc.) but I'm very intimidated by the PCB design part of it.


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