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O-Ring Mount Wood Case


Hi, my name is Sarah and I make wood keyboard cases. I've had success with my first GB for 60% wood cases, and will hopefully run another soon for 65%. Right now, I'm working on making an o-ring mounted case for PCB's with cutouts for posts, such as the Bakeneko60 or the H60. This is the design so far. I'm thinking about having interchangeable plates for each of the relevant daughterboards right now (S1 and C4) so that my case will work with either, depending on availability. I'm in the design/prototyping phase now and I'd love to get feedback, so if anyone has anything, I'd really appreciate it. Also, please join the Discord if you're interested. Thanks!

I realized that the posts, if made from wood, would probably be very fragile and shear off. Especially since they run with the grain. So I'm exploring drilling holes from the back of the case, and inserting little plastic dowels. I know this looks like a little toilet lol but I basically took a section from the CAD model and 3D printed it to test the fitment and ease of insertion of the dowels.

Working on some matching wrist rests for these cases and the 60% and 65% wood cases I'm making


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