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A minor Model F 122 refurbishment

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--- Quote from: wcass;573804 ---1/8" was under $2 for one foot (by 52 inches wide), but shipping was $10. PM me your postal address and i'll ship you enough to do your board - for free if you are in the US.
--- End quote ---

Ah, I guess I was looking at the wrong place. That's not too bad then, especially since it's enough for two boards. Sure, who am I to deny free stuff - I'll try it out on my second model F 122 :D

--- Quote from: wcass;573804 ---for my project, i will not need a new top, just will need to cut the small strip seperating the F keys. the barrel plate will be visible above the arrow keys but i might make an insert to hide that. i have designed a new capacitive matrix that uses the same 8 x 12 matrix as the old one, so (fingers crossed) i'll just have to jump the connections and hope the capacitance is still within spec. if not, i'll make a custom membrane and controller and use hammers from an M.
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Awesome - did you get it made yet? Given the relatively simple pcb design and thickness, it should be fairly inexpensive to get them from a china fabber. I do wonder though about the resin protecting model F pads - it protects against corrosion (which could eventually happen on unprotected pads) which in turn would change the capacitance. So I wonder, what if the solder mask is kept on the pads, so that they are protected?

Unfortunately, I don't have any CNC connections :(

Thanks to wcass for sending some volara foam my way to try out:

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 51791[/ATTACH]

This does not significantly change the sound signature of the board, but seems to ever so slightly dampen some of the resonance. If you have something to stuff in there, try it, but otherwise don't worry about it too much. Something like a floss mod would have a greater immediate effect if one needs to reduce the noise.


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