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--- Quote from: keymaster on Fri, 07 November 2014, 00:09:29 ---Artisan keycaps are just plastic at the end of the day -- people often forget that.

--- End quote ---

And art is just chemicals on a canvas!  :p


* I think the ergodox layout is sub-optimal and made even worse when the keyboard is properly tented.
* I hate Model Ms.  I think they're overrated and mediocre feeling in comparison to MX, Alps, and Topre.  Model Fs are the only buckling spring boards worth using...and that includes the SSK being in play.
* Alps>MX>Mathias Alps.  Mathias Alps, while not bad, just do not feel anywhere as nice as Green, Blue, or Orange Alps.  Even Salmon and dampened Cream Alps are nicer.
* Orange Alps are as good as Topre and dramatically cheaper.  They're also easier to mod.
* I think SA profile is literally the worst key cap profile I have ever tried.  I'd rather use slick and shiny halfway worn through SP DCS caps than an SA set.
* I think 40% keyboards are silly and a gimmick that creates more work to use than it's worth.  I'd prefer to create a palm sized chorded keyboard and learn how to chord keys than use a 40%.
* 75% keyboards provide an interesting middle ground between 60%, TKL, and fullsize, but I think every single one of them looks stupid and all have weird layouts.
* Every keyboard should have a winkey.
* Full sized keyboards should all be made with the num pad arrow keys, and so on on the left hand side.
* Plate mounted Topre boards like Realforce and the FC660C are horrible feeling and you might as well just buy a rubber dome keyboard like a Dell Quietkey or DT-35 and mount it to a metal plate with a layer of insulation between the plate and the PCB.
* I hate blank key caps.  They're like spinners on cars to me.
I had some more, but they're less about keyboards and more about how people treat keyboards and caps.  And this is unpopular opinions, so I expect a fair amount of disagreement.

I hate the HHKB

1. Just about every keycap set designed on pimpmykeyboard is ugly. When I see pictures of these keycaps on someones keyboards looks even worse.

2. SA keyset is horrible to type on and looks horrible.

3. I think model M and any other so called "vintage" keyboard is stupid.

4. If you think 60% keyboards are not practical well 40% are even worse. They seem like a major handicap.

5. I hate gamer looking or branded keyboards (razer, corsair, logitech, ect.)

traditional qwerty sgg :eek:


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