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1. I hate 100% keyboards. Look ugly. Too big.

2. Hhkb to expensive for what it is.

3. SA keyboards. First keycap set was SA might have given up on this hobby because of them

4. Plastic cases. Im personally not a fan but can see why people chose it as a budget option. Or people new to the hobby.

5. artisan keycaps. Metal keycap for escape key cool and often good. But to many are over the top. Including resin keyaps.

Gesendet von meinem Pixel 6 Pro mit Tapatalk

I find the lack of Southpaw-layout keyboards to be blasphemous!


--- Quote from: shingi on Sun, 19 May 2024, 10:38:03 ---I find the lack of Southpaw-layout keyboards to be blasphemous!

--- End quote ---

You must not be keeping an eye out on ICs & GBs to well then. There has been quite a few KBs ran that were southpaw or at least had a southpaw option (The Class 0413 is a good example) in the last year or two. I will admit they are still definitely in the minority compared to traditional layout KBs, but there has definitely been quite a few available recently.

Pretty much every key cap set with an ISO version/addon got the wrong colour of the pipe/backslash key next to the left shift as that key ends up with the alpha colour and not the colour of the shift key. As a result you get a very strange layout with dual colour setups and not the nice symmetrical look of an ANSI keyboard.

The only exception to this rule are the Keychron key caps.

The |\ key (and the ~` key) is not a modifier; it is an alpha. That's why it is colored like an alpha. This organizing principle is based on key purpose/functionality, not on an OCD-driven need for color symmetry. I prefer not to let the crazies dictate how we organize our keycaps, tyvm.

Besides, once you graduate to keyboards with more than 60 keys, color symmetry goes right out the window anyway, with the nav cluster weighing down the entire right side with mod-colored keys, and the numpad layout only half-surrounding the numbers (and period) with mod-colored operation keys (plus num lock and Enter). And then there's the alternating color blocks of F-keys, which makes no sense either functionality-wise or color-symmetry-wise. Best to just realize that the standard color/layout scheme we have is based on an ill-conceived IBM design and learn to embrace it since it's not going away any time soon.


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