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--- Quote from: Tseg on Wed, 22 May 2024, 09:10:19 ---
--- Quote from: Rhienfo on Tue, 21 May 2024, 18:34:38 ---
Have you tried doing diving into stuff like handwiring or through hole projects?

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I do have an extensive fountain pen collection... not quite handwriting.  Even researching urushi lacquer (used on higher end pens) can be pretty in depth.   Not sure what "through hole projects" are?  I don't actually want to increase my skill, just increase my knowledge.

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Fair enough if you are just trying to learn more and not fulfilled by increasingly skillful projects.

Also through hole is like through hole components on keyboard pcbs (such as the mercutio keyboard, they do take more work (wouldn't say skill, if you know how to solder decently you should be fine) but I don't think those would help if you are just trying to increase knowledge. I do see them as more fun side projects that maintain more longevity in a hobby.

Unpopular Keyboard Opinion:
I like my keyboard just as it is, straight out of the box :D

Ok I lied. I look at how I can improve it. At least I wanna get some custom keycaps


--- Quote from: ohm-ish on Fri, 14 June 2024, 01:28:21 ---Unpopular Keyboard Opinion:
I like my keyboard just as it is, straight out of the box :D

Ok I lied. I look at how I can improve it. At least I wanna get some custom keycaps

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Yeah that's how I felt when I first got into the hobby, I thought I would be complacent with a stock keyboard but realised very quickly that I need to (and really like) modding things. Even stuff like the IBM model m, still needs proactive measures like bolt modding and repairing, restoring and converting the boards as well to get them in a good state (which is common among all vintage boards)

My hhkb is close to me just using it stock, but lubing is a big improvement so I will be doing that for my one.

My Unpopular Facts Opinions:

mod pipe is wrong

scooped is wrong

6.25U over 7U is wrong

clickies should be used for caps lock only

cherry is the best profile

i think its silly to have multiple of the same board

typing tests should only have correct characters, you spent all that timing tuning your backspace stab, show me how it works

weight engravings and pcb printing that i can't see without taking apart my boards are silly

Pipe is an alpha and so is tilda. Color them appropriately.

If your thumbs rest on the spacebar between V-M why does it need to be larger (I noticed my keyboard is 6.25U spacebar).

SA > Cherry because it is scooped. Why do you dislike the scoop?

When you say duplicate boards are silly, do you mean same switches, and everything? Or do you mean having the same base board even with different switches is silly? I love my Apple AEK and I am working towards making a modern PCB to have it as my main board at work and at home because I enjoy the layout and sculpt more than most others (Alps is also a massive motivation). The goal is to have an AEK in every major Alps SCKM and SKCL switch release. (Currently have Pine White, Bamboo White, Bamboo Blacks, Bamboo and Pine Damped Creams, and Bamboo Damped Whites)


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