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I am the proud owner of a JD40 courtesy of Swill from his recent giveaway.  After discovering the goodness that is IBM F, I am not a fan of MX anymore.  I can't bring myself to sell it as I got it essentially for free.  So, I will be having a little contest at KeyCon to give this board away if the powers that be allow me to take some time at the event.

What is the event?  It will be a race to remove all caps from a standard TKL layout, place in a 1 gallon size ziploc bag, shake and install back on the board.  For this, I think we should make this Costar stabilizers just to add a touch of difficulty to the event.  I will volunteer my full sized Das to abuse in the event (TKL keys only apply).  If anyone else wants to allow some members use of a board for this to speed up the process that would be great.

Planed Rules.

Layout will be Qwerty 1.25 mods ANSI TKL I am not going to limit profile, but no blanks.
I will provide a keypuller, but you may use your own.
All caps need to be removed
Placed in a gallon ziploc bag and given at least one shake
All caps need to be reinstalled
Cap locations checked for accuracy and time penalty awarded for each cap in the wrong location
Straight race against the clock, fastest time wins the JD40

The JD40 currently has stickered 68g vintage blacks, and the space bar has a clear stem.  I will be reflashing the layout back to the standard JD40.
I do not have the caps that were listed in Swills original giveaway as I don't believe they have even been made yet, when I get them they will be forwarded or I may ask swill to forward and cut me from that equation.

I reserve the right to change anything between now and then. 

Thoughts, comments, and suggestions, are always welcome no matter how blunt.



I already have a JD40 and a Smallfry order in the GB so I don't really need more tiny boards (though I would have no complaints about having more ;)), but I'll totally participate just for the fun of it.

Could be fun to film the race !


--- Quote from: azhdar on Thu, 05 February 2015, 01:26:40 ---Could be fun to film the race !

--- End quote ---

This.  I'd like to see it. :))


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