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Who wants to give a presentation?  Doesn't need to be long, and can be on anything!

Please reply with your topic and about how long you think your presentation will be.


HoffmanMyster - Polymer Processing
CPTBaddAss - Intro to ALPS
Evangs - First Build Log
obra - Keycap design / molding
Binge - Something interesting
i3oilermaker - Project Amalfi

I've still got my tangentially-related-to-keyboards presentation from last year that I never had the chance to give that's all ready to go. 

It's on polymer processing, with some generic things that relate to us (polymer structure, extrusion) and some things specific to my career (flat die extrusion).  The big difference between this presentation and one on injection molding is that the process I'll discuss ends with a roll of material instead of keycaps/etc.  But let's be honest, injection molding is kind of boring (to talk about) anyway.  :P

If this seems too far removed from what you'd like to see at KeyCon, feel free to omit it.  But I'd be more than happy to present on it if people would like.  :)

I would be interested and I think many other would be - especially if you can tie it into key making/manufacturing.

Might need a muzzle for Mkawa....

I'm getting ready to build my first mechanical board.  I could document the process and present what I've learned and how I used the amazing tools this community has built to design and build my board.

I think I'd like to give a Introduction to Alps. Aiming for ten to fifteen minutes with examples to show.


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