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I was reluctant to make a post like this but as its already having an impact I think it's only fair to let people in as to why

Yesterday we sadly found out my son has MEN2

You can read some info on it here

The short of it though is this, coming up in the not so distant future he is going to have to have a fairly major surgery for a person of his age and be medicated for the rest of his life along with some other issues concerning hormones, calcium and a much greater chance of other cancers

As a result of this is a turbulent time for me at home, where time is already at a premium with a young baby, right now it is more important for me to take care of my family and as such I'll be around a lot less than normal, this shouldn't affect things moving with Ctrl alt in general and should only really have an impact on me personally, I'll be floating around but a lot less so please be patient in any communication towards me




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