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PEXON PCs 6th Anniversary- Lets Celebrate!



Lets Celebrate PEXONs 6th Year Anniversary!

First things first: A HUGE thank you to all of our customers.

To mark the 6th year anniversary of PEXON PCs and to thank all of our valued customers, past, present and future, we are excited to announce we are staging a number of activities this month of July.

In addition to a 20% discount on all products* every order will inclucde a random gift; including, t-shirts, premium gift cards, keyrings, USB Cables and mystery packets!

You may have noticed our recent introduction of USB Type C connectors, themed cables and two toned themed cables.

This is just the start of the expansion of PEXON products and services. We will never compromise on the exceptional quality of our cables. We are proud to say we believe our cables are in a class of their own.

Since we started, we have received so many positive comments and we have developeded strong, lasting friendships with hundreds of peope. You, our awesome, special clients, have taken us forward and we want you to continue to join us in our exciting and challenging journey.

Thank you all. :)



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