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cyber60: 60% Bluetooth PCB running nRF52 and ZMK

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Tiny update:

* Still waiting on my smaller batteries and eventually the box60 to test the PCB in.
* I put together a ALPS PCB, very similar and uses the same software implementation. I'll make a pre-release on my github soon, but changes may still be added to A1 (same applies for the MX-release A2)
* Still have more testing to do (Leds test, current measurements etc)

Link to pre-release:

looking good.

yeah, i've been eyeing up the Box60 case as well. Haven't purchased one yet though. Love the different styles they've done them in. So far i've seen two translucent ones, black & most recently they have a beige with commodore 64 stickers... Looks like a versatile, cute little case with plenty of room for modifications.

I just stumbled upon this looking for ZMK implementations. This is a cool project, I'll be watching  :thumb:

Tiny update:
I've been working on a new revision (B) with rotary, underglow and buzzer added that I will order prototype for soon. Rotary placement is either off board, or in split backspace position (replaces tilde-key). All of these additions is optional, and you can just skip mounting them if not needed. I also simplified the voltage measurement circuit to the basic voltage divider that is commonly used. This adds a tiny bit of current leak, but it is very low compared to the self leakage of a lipo battery.

The RGB-led under capslock and buzzer is something not supported by ZMK currently, but hopefully we can work that out :D

As mentioned previously, addressable leds have a constant current draw, even when off, so there is a transistor added to cut power to the leds when off.

nice additions.
do you think these will eventually go to a GB? or just open source?


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