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cyber60: 60% Bluetooth PCB running nRF52 and ZMK

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nice. i know that has been an issue with led's for a long time.

Small update:  :D

I believe I've tested and verified everything on revision B1 now and updated the things that needed to be changed for B2 release. B2 release is now on github, I will be ordering protos soon to verify function, then it should be mostly done for now. B2 revision should be safe to use, but I'd recommend to wait for my proto-round, so I can verify it.


I tested the buzzer with a simple arduino sketch just to verify the circuit. Should not be any problem using it with ZMK, but it needs to be implemented in code.

Functionality for LED under capslock-switch is still very limited, but under development.

EDIT: The volume is a bit low in the video, it's not loud IRL, but ok.

Stay safe!

I can't wait for this... i need couple of MX version, couple of SMK version, couple of ALPS version...

TLDR: I'll be changing the split space layout support for the next revision. Will be releasing it soon.

So, I was hoping that with the B-revision, it would be the long term revision for this project. Unfortunately I'd like to do another split space layout change, so I'll be doing a C-revision soon. ;D

The issue: 2u stabs for 3u keycaps. 3u keycaps using 2u stabilizers (or support both) are fairly uncommon and the new ones from GMK is only 3u from what I've been told. So, I'd like to change the split spacebar support to accommodate keycap sizes and stabilizer-sizes that is more common. Unfortunately, there is no space for 3u stabilizers, so that gives me two options that I have been considering:

* 7u split into 2.75u + 1.5u + 2.75u (like the h60).
* 6.5u split into 2.75u + 1u + 2.75u, this is already supported for the ALPS and SMK-layout
If space was not an issue, I do both of these two options for split space:

* 7u split into 3u + 1u + 3u
* 6.25 split into 2.25u + 1.25u + 2.75uI'll be doing this for my waffling-project. But, due to the size of the bluetooth-module, it's not possible. I tried the 6.25u split in rev A and B, it's doable, but it's harder to solder, so I won't revert it to that. One of the goals of this project is that is should be relatively easy to DIY. Another option would be to change module to a smaller one, but I like this one for the fact that it can be soldered fairly easily using only an iron.

7u split vs 6.5u split:

Personally, I'm not a fan of the 1.5u center key I find the two larger keycaps to be too spaced out. I've been using the 6.5u split into 2.75u 1u 2.75u for quite some time now on my AEK-build and I think it works well. It would also simplify things a bit, since that layout is already supported for ALPS and SMK versions of the PCB. So, this will be my suggestion. Unless someone has a good argument to do the 7u split into 2.75u 1.5u 2.75u (or some other split), I'll be going with that.

The big downside with using the 6.5u split is that it will not work in a WKL case and I'll likely do the hotswap version without split space. It will work in a MX-HHKB case.

Let me know what you think

I've been starting to keep these in stock here:

They'll always be available open source also, but I wanted to give an option to DIY (it's not for everyone).

I started doing a bootloader flash instruction on github:

If anyone tried it, please let me know if you tried it and found it lacking something. I'm slowly working on a instruction on how to change the keymap, but it'll be released further on.

Short update on ZMK implementation:

* Buzzer is now implemented and can indicate what bluetooth profile is changed to. Thanks to Megamind who have been adding features to the project!

I will be going ahead with the 6.5u split like mentioned above. Pre-releases for revision D is up on github. Note that I will clean up the routing a bit compared to what is up now, but functionally, they will be identical to the pre-releases.

Code for bootloader and ZMK for revision D is not done yet, but in the mean time, the code for rev C can be used. Nothing has changed here, I'll just update the identifiers, so it shows up as revision D.


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