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Mechanical version of Microsoft 4000/Ergonomic

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I was a big fan also of the Microsoft 4000, I've just bought the dygma. To be honnest, I have the same feeling especially about the negative tilting. Did you try to replace keycaps ? Did you find a viable solution ? Could you please share link for adjustable keyboard tray & laptop riser things off

Back in the day, Lanx modified his 4000 to be mechanical.  It took a long time and was super spendy...

Are you sold on it being one piece or could you go with something like the quefrency?

I 3d printed some tenting stands for the VE.A a while back which worked fairly well although I should have added an integrated wrist rest.

It is hard to find the same key layout with the 4000 ergo through existing kits.
I tried to make key layout to match to it but the problem was the keycaps.


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