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SF Bay Area Meetup 7/24/21

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When: Saturday, 7/24/21 (this coming Saturday) 1pm-3pm
Where: Leo J. Ryan Park, Foster City
Who: You!

Hey all! I'm putting together a super quick and casual meet up.

Please PM me if you're trying to go as an RSVP, I'm going to cap this off at 20 people just because of how impromptu this is. We'll be meeting up at a beautiful park next to the water and there will be plenty of open space to use to share some keyboards. Bring a picnic blanket or similar if you have one and you can lay out some keyboards on the grass. It'll probably be sunny so pack some sunscreen! Plan is to meet up at the park and hang around for a little and maybe we can roll over to Tpumps across the street to grab some boba as well. I ask that you're vaccinated just out of safety and respect for everyone else that'll be coming to the meet. See you all there!

on vacation :(

Everyone must come, I will be there.   I will wave, you will meet me.  :thumb:

Damn! I've got other plans that day, otherwise I would 100% join in.

Did this end up happening? If so, how was the turnout? I somehow missed this postů


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