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[IC] DCS Blue Moon - GB date announced | New vendor!

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Introducing DCS Blue Moon!What better way to celebrate the blue moon happening today on August 22nd than with a blue moon inspired keyset! I'm really looking forward to receiving and responding to your feedback, so please fill out the IC form.New IC Form
About DCS:MoreDCS is a profile made by Signature Plastics. It can be made using numerous materials, but this set will use doubleshot ABS plastic. The sculpt of DCS is very similar to cherry profile. DCS will also have a much shorter leadtime in comparison to manufactures like GMK and EPBT, but a little longer than manufacturers like Milkyway and Domikey.
Comparing DCS to cherry profile, the corners are rounded, and the caps are a bit thinner with a slightly taller profile. This allows them to not be affected by keycap interference resulting from a north facing switch configuration.There is a bit more texture on the top of the caps compared to GMK, but there is virtually no texture on the sides of the caps.

Colors:This set uses all stock colors from Signature Plastics.Click to see physical color samples:More
Kits:*Though renders have been colormatched as best as possible, they may not accurately depict the final product. These renders use Fooblitzky DCS models (see credits).*All rendered by hzsh#1751.
Base: Target Pricing: $120-$125 $116 USD (MOQ - 250) Has compatibility for up to fullsize, including Tsangan, 65%/75%, ISO, etc.
Novelties:Target Pricing: $30-$35 $39 USD (MOQ - 100 150)Designed by stellaidoscope#0666. This kit has been reworked to include compatibility for two macro columns.After talking with Signature Plastics, the ISO novelty design can only be done with UV printing. I have decided to only include the accented color, as including both would increase the price of the kit beyond what I am comfortable with. If there is overwhelming support to replace the accented with the mod colored enter or to add the mod colored enter in addition, I will consider the change.
Full Moon Alt Alphas Kit:Target Pricing: $54 USD (MOQ - 100)Alt alphas kit to provide a lighter contrast.
10u Spacebars:Target Pricing: $9 USD (MOQ - 50)These will work with 7u stabilizer wires.
Extension: Target Pricing: $23-$27 USD (MOQ - 75)Note: All bars less than 6u are concave blanks.
Deskmat:Designed by stellaidoscope#0666
More Imgur Album More Old Kitting
Renders: (All done by hzsh#1751)

F2 by Geonworks
Oceanographer by Hedgey
W1-AT by Geonworks
KL-90 by Kiko's Lab
More Imgur Album More Old Renders
Collabs: Bear Cables    
Artkey Universe Artisan LabsMore unannounced coming very soon
If you would like to collab with me on this set, please contact me on Discord (Neely#0120).
Vendors:NA: Vala SupplyCA: Ashkeebs MX: RhesetEU: MyKeyboardUK: PrototypistSEA: ZionStudiosCN: zFrontierIndia: Rectangles.storeOceania: Daily Clack
GB Date:February 2nd - March 2nd
Credits:hzsh#1751 - All renders and a ton of help throughout this project.stellaidoscope#0666 - Deskmat and Novelty design.hali#4045 - Kitting advice and general help throughout the entire process.Gleaux#9743 - Banner design, help with annotations and other text components on kitting renders.banned#9999 and kure#5047 - General help with renders.Fooblitzky and EndeavourSC - DCS models and Cherry Models respectively.The Bunker - Moral support.
Contact:Feel free to leave your opinion on the set by contacting me on Discord (Neely#0120) :DPlease join my new discord to see sneak peeks and small updates! DiscordNew IC Form
(Please add this to your profile to support the set!)
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--- End code ---

8/23: Added link to DCS Blue Moon channel in the Vala Supply Discord.
         Added GB Date and Pricing section.
8/31: Added link to my new discord.
11/8: Big Update:
         General Changes: Added new renders with better color-matching, added collabs, adjusted target pricing, removed color comparison, added new pictures of samples.
         Kitting Changes: Removed Blood Moon kit, adding alt alphas kit instead. Renamed Spacebars kit to Extension.
         Base Kit: Added R2 esc.
         Novelties: Added support for dual macro columns, removed mod colored iso enter.
         Extension: Removed white spacebars. Included uk-iso and full hhkb support.
         10u Spacebars: Removed 10u wire.
12/3: Added link to new IC form.
12/27: Added target pricing for extension kit.
1/17: Added to alt alphas kit to include iso layout support.

lovely set neely


You love to see it, nice work Neely, looking forward to this set  :cool:

Big fan of the 10u bars.


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