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Just upgraded the media pc to 4790k from the ol' g3258

Using a $15 cooler (1700rpm max), $60 motherboard (z97)

No Delid

4.8ghz, 1.32v,  42ring

30 minutes prime stable (avx disabled). 87C prime load,  Idles 33C

956cb multicore Cinebench r15.
192cb single

Rig is ghetto, but Tp4 is like 95% confident this will hold.   Not even gonna sweat it.  Running fixed 48x, no c-state

Thoughts? Y'all ever LAZY one of these ?

I've never disabled power saving stuff and I only have one PC so stability is key, if I were making a media PC then maybe I'd skip stability testing but still wouldn't want it putting out heat for no good reason.

Also found it amusing that "one of these" is faster than my PC :P

The power use difference is minimal at idle. 

But the primary reason is that this is a very cheap motherboard, it does not handle v-droop very rapidly, so the offsets aren't as stable if it's allowed to cycle up and down, I'd need to use more peak voltage to handle the droop for the highest clock.  So, I might as well just run 4.8 flat.  Save effort, and lower peak.

One concern I had with overclocking is the fact that the power consumption is a lot higher. I'm wondering what the best setup is for an overclock that also doesn't eat up tons of power, which I feel like ends up costing more than people realize at the end of the day.

Back in the day OC used alot more power.

Nowadays, the 4790k for example is from 88watt (LOAD) to ~110watt.   

The majority of the time, it's not consuming anywhere near that. 12-20watt idle.  The overclock does not impact idle.

IN Tp4's case it does because of fixed ratio (though not much), but people who do it properly, it does not.


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