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Dell AT101 with pink alps.


So it is time to see her go. ;_; I simply cannot find someone to sell me an F5 key, and the slider is slightly damaged, yet the f5 slider will still will hold a key in place without woobling. She needs work. The baseplate is dirty, and the sliders need to be oiled. I am selling her only because I bought an RK-9000 and am satisfied with it. I don't know what type of price to sell her at but if you make a fair deal it will be yours (NO LOWBALLERS PLEASE!). I would like her to go to a good home, as she was my first mechanical. ;_;

P.S. I am in the US, and I would prefer to ship there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

I have yet to re-setup my paypal account so this sale might take a few days (gotta verify the paypal account and all)

Where on earth did you get a 101 with *pink* alps?

Also, last I checked, Elite Keyboards is selling red ALPS compatible switches. Aimed at the Filco Zero, but they should still work, I would expect. ESC and FILCO keys, not an F5, but still might work for you. Only $3 + shipping.

Thanks, I'll think about it.

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I got the pink alp board from a rummage sale in the chicagoland area.  Bought it for $1.00

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I R SAD... ;_; No one has expressed any interest in the pink alps as of yet.


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