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[Service] Bolt-mod your SSK + ANSI2ISO layout change

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To anyone interested, since these appear to be rare, I will bolt-mod your SSK and switch the layout around from ANSI to ISO for a price. If you want to keep the layout as is, that's no problem. I will also consider taking keyboards as payment.

Simplified terms:
- the customer provides all neccessary keycaps
- the customer covers shipping cost both ways
- do not send your own SDL cables

I promise to do the bolt-mod in maximum two weeks time from the day I receive your keyboard.

Only cleaning of the internal assembly will be done by me. Do not expect me to clean the keycaps ;)

EU customers only.

Pretty cool idea. I wish someone in the states would do this

I can do it in the states, if people are interested. I've thought about offering this, but wasn't sure if there was interest. I'll do SSK and regular Model Ms, as well as the 122 key terminal emulators. I wouldn't be able to do any until 1 August, though.

Sorry Half-Saint, I'll remove this post if you want me to.

No worries :)

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here, if anyone needs a bolt-mod :)


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