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Hi everyone!

We are Symbio keycaps, an artisan keycaps maker from Indonesia. We are still new in the artisan world with a bit of knowledge of Mechanical Keyboard.

Right now our favorite keyboard is Volt80 by Percent Studio, and our favorite switch is Gateron INK Black. For keycaps, we love our GMK Oblivion and GMK Laser.

Hopefully, we will learn something new here. Thank you!

Hi guys, I've been lurking for quite a while but I'm going to try and be more active on the geekhack.

Hi, I am new here.
Hope you are doing well.
Nice to meet you all

I'm new here and also new into the wonderful, yet expensive, world of keyboards!

Hello All, glad to be here. Typing on my first MK. Takes me back to a potato pc in like '94. Never thought I would knowingly go back to it. But hey, cool and compact and lights.


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