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curve0: (first prototype)

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About the prototype: MoreThe prototype has open sides. I am considering adding walls. Please fill out the interest check for your preference to be heard.

The prototype has extra cutouts that will not be in the final product. For example the switch cutouts are extra tall on the spacebar row in the prototype.

The spacebar row angle and offset (from shift row) will probably be smaller in the final product than in the prototype.

Why curve MoreIt has long been known that a flat typing surface is not very ergonomic. This is why profiled keycaps exist.
You may have noticed that all keycap profiles share a common characteristic: the overall typing surface is in the general shape of a curve.

(original photo from; check out that thread to see lots of other profiles)

Changing the keytop angles (in order to achieve a curved typing surface) has flaws:

* The angle of the force applied to the key is not in line with the translation axis of the switch. As a result:

* Only the component of the force that is parallel to the switch action actually contributes to moving the switch. The operator therefore needs to press harder in order to move the switch the same amount (vs flat keytop):

* The perpendicular force component becomes friction. This results in a less smooth key travel.

* Additionally, the added friction resists the movement of the switch and makes the operator have to press even harder!

* The angled keycaps also need to be taller. The perpendicular force component therefore has greater leverage, which increases its added friction (which decreases smoothness and requires you to press even harder):

To fix these flaws, curve0 has the switches themselves at an angle. This gives a curved typing surface with flat keycaps.

Another advantage of having the switches at an angle is that your finger actually moves in the direction of the press during the keytravel, which feels more comfortable (in my opinion at least).

About curve0

To give everyone a chance to try this new concept, I designed a simple construction to keep the price low. The case (into which the plate is integrated) is cut and bent from a single piece of metal. The material is stainless steel with a brushed finish.

curve0 is designed specifically for DSA keycaps but XDA works too (they are taller so the curve will be a bit more pronounced and the keys will feel closer together (vertically)).

With DSA keycaps, the typing surface of curve0 is similar to that of MT3. The exception is the spacebar row, which has a slight downward angle.

Layout support MoreLayout options TBD. Since extra switch cutouts (from supporting multiple layouts) would be visible on the bottom two rows, I will probably have multiple versions each with fixed layout (on those rows). Please fill out the IC form for your preferences to be heard.

Kit will include

* Stainless steel case/plate thing
* PCB, daughterboard, and their connecting cable
* Screws (for daughterboard), rubber feetYou will need your own: switches, keycaps, PCB-mount stabilizers

Under $100; exact amount TBD

If you are interested please fill out the Interest check!

Discord server

just buy some SA bro, don't need to reinvent the wheel.

This is very strange, but assuming the price would actually be sub-$100, I'd still buy it just to try it out. Creative project, I like seeing things like this even if it might not be exactly the most simple solution to the problem.

Good job!

Love crazy ideas like this!

IO Sam:
Yeap! I think I'd be interested in trying something like this... Reminds me of how Model F and M boards are similarly curved. Nice to see something that is actually trying to improve one's typing experience for a change (rather than just being "bouncy" and pretty)!


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