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[Artisan] Vice Caps - GMK Posh Collab Raffle Sale Announcement


This is a collab sale for the GMK Posh keyset designed by 12keyboards and annlovesbears!

This raffle sale features three different sculpts: Bikini, Dress & Laundry - everyone is eligible to enter for either sculpts.

For the Bikini & Dress, this colourway is named Jackie :pineapple: Jackie wears a muted pink and indigo blue striped Bikini and/or Dress.
For the Laundry, this colourway is named Posh :shirt: featuring a white collared, muted pink and indigo blue striped rugby style top shirt, indigo blue middle shirt and muted pink bottom shirt.

*Jackie is an official Vice Caps pin up girl, so winners will also receive an exclusive pin up card featuring Jackie with their cap! As this is a special collab colourway, **Posh Laundry winners will also receive this pin up card!**

Imgur link:


The raffle form will be posted on bio and the Discord channel.

- Form will be open for 24 hours
- Date: Friday, 20th January (19th January for US/CA) [TONIGHT]
- Time: 10am GMT+8 / 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Good luck and thank you for your support!


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