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[IC] GMK Astro Arcade - Add-on Accent Kits

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Hi! This is an IC for Add-on kits to be used for White on Black/variants and many other renowned GMK sets with CR or WS1 color.
Inspired by Sega™ Enterprises, Ltd.'s HSS-0130 Astro City Arcade Stick &  Astro City Arcade machine :

photo by hyp36max

--- Quote ---High resolution graphics and stereo-of-the-art sound
double your playing enjoyment!
--- End quote ---

IC Form

Renders may vary to actual keycaps.

Astro Buttons Kit
WS1 legend color on Yellow, Pink and Green keycaps. Hiragana Sublegends on WASD keys.
Dark Astro Kit
Yellow, Pink and Green legend color on CR keycaps. Hiragana Sublgends on WASD keys.
Blanks Kit
4x Blank Pink/Green/Black R2, 4x Pink/Green/Black R3 + homing/scooped key included.

Pink and green have a high chance to use custom color (I have the physical plastic sample ready for both colors). The rest is GMK stock colors.
Comparison of Pink and Green I envisioned vs GMK stock color (MG1 and AE):

photos taken under natural afternoon lighting on indoor room

You can use keycaps from any of these kits for modern stickless arcade controller such as Mixbox®™ Controller

GMK Black on White with Smith+Rune's Iron180

Vendors & Pricings
Looking for lead vendor. Price will be revealed after I get quotations from vendors/GMK.

GMK Grey on Black by Sciacca Works with Exclusive's E8.5 TKL

GB Date
Not yet. Hopefully 2023.

IC Form
Appreciate any good and helpful feedbacks, please comment within this thread and fill out the IC form linked above.

GMK Miami Nights with yuktsi's TGR Jane

Thank you and game on!
Visit/follow my Instagram: rayhhdailo

Also thanks to beetle friends, my fellow Tekken 7 fighters and friends from fightstick community.

blanks so lit, glwic!

buying all kits

im rlly pumped for this, gonna consider the blanks as well

Really cool idea, would just like to add that the common GMK WoB sold by Drop has no sublegends, including the option to have no sublegends might be preferred by some.


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