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[FS] Whale 75, Apple inspired 3D Print, Womier 87 TKL

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For sale:

Whale75: lightly used. Custom blue finish. Brass knob, plate, and weight. No extra Pcb. Comes with silent switches, stabs, switch pads on pcb, mill-max sockets installed and foam between pcb and plate. Purchased for 550, but since it's used, and 75's with a knob are a dime a dozen- Price is 300$ including CONUS shipping. Paypal preferred.

3D Printed Apple standard keyboard inspired. lightly used. Painted with apple sticker. comes with 65 soldered pcb and PC plate, and stabs. asking 20$ + shipping

Womier 87 lightly used. asking 20$ +shipping

Prices dropped. Will be adding some keycaps when i get around to taking pics soon too (Sa Dreameater and Sa Jadeite)

I know this is a bit old but is the Whale75 still available?

I know this a late response, but yes it is.

Updated prices too.

Interested in Whale 75

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