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Hello, looking for any ANSI IBM model M. I tried one at the meetup and really liked it. I am asking for around 50-70usd + shipping and would probably not go higher than that. I would prefer a non blue label (So a second or first generation model m I believe) and would look for that mainly, but a blue label would be fine.

Would also would prefer a model that was made on November 23rd cause that's my birthday, The year doesn't really matter as I was born way after IBM stopped producing model ms, but as I said non-blue labels preferred. But it's unlikely so I don't think I would care that much.

Also if you are planning to sell me one, please check shipping to Australia as it gets really pricey to ship one. I really don't want to pay too much for shipping (I would say around 30 is the maximum that I would pay for shipping) would obviously prefer Australian orders as well.

EDIT: shipping can be a bit more lax, will also look into proxies as well if shipping gets really bad.

I know this might be a bit much to ask for, but it's what's in my budget atm.

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