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[WTS] Toad V2 Keyboard & Artisans from 2016/18


Heya, fellas! A friend of mine, RealLaugh, has exited the hobby so he sent over a few artisans and a board that I am helping to sell.

Please DM me on the other channels shown in the photos if I don't get back to you here! Also, leave a reply here or help with ID'ing some of the unknowns! Feel free to OBO!

A whole album with OP pictures and more detailed close-ups for the artisans.

TOAD v2 70% (60% + F row?)

* Price: 275USD + shipping from Latvia (worldwide tracking, usually up to 25USD).
* Red aluminium case, ISO/Tsangan layout with lubed MX Blacks on a universal STS plate.
* PCB designed by RealLaugh, is willing to share the files for everything (given Toad's open-source).

Next up - artisans
Most of these are 2016 - 2018/9 artisans and nothing super impressive but ID'd most of them anyway so you can look up more photos of each.

Going from top to bottom, left to right:

* "Wing Commander" & "Poseidon" Kepybaras by Briz (one half of Tokkipee)+ R2 purple-ish smokey blank (seems like Tokkipee's) >>> all together  $40 shipped
* "Blind Bag" Helmbug & White Dot Octopus by Key Kata >>> together $30 shipped
* 3x Unknown Vikings >>> together $20 shipped SOLD
* Doge (1/1) + Sploot (1/1) + Pupkin Blank (1/4) + Puppey with sunglasses >>> all together $40 shipped
* 2x Unknown Gravestones with RIP on them >>> together $20 shipped
* "Emu"Fugu Gen3 & "The Nuclear Wastrel"Fugu Gen3 by Nightcaps >>> together $60 shipped SOLD ON REDDIT
* Unknown Elephant artisan + "Forest Keeper" Leshy by Dark Atelier >>> together $30 shipped
* "Purple Cyanide" Blinker by Alpha Keycaps >>> $25 shipped
* "Bio Jester" Keyogorath by Kaphaus >>> $25 shipped

Going from top to bottom, left to right:

* Purple translucent sparky Esc/WASD/Fn MX set by Idea23 >>> $50 shipped
* "Midnight" Wave SA R3 (39/40) + "Seattle Blue" O (37/41) and X (10/13) from "Letter 01" series by Rama Works >>> together $50 shipped
* GID Esc/WASD MX set by SDKC/SDK Cables >>> $40 shipped
* "Pick-Your-Split Green/Blue" Topre Esc/Ctrl/Fn set by Tokkipee >>> $35 shipped
* Non-ID'd but I call it the "Icy Sparky" Topre Esc/Ctrl/Fn set by Tokkipee >>> $35 shipped SOLD ON REDDIT

Request sent on Discord but I'll PM ya here too.  :thumb:


--- Quote from: SeedyOne on Sat, 20 January 2024, 10:04:51 ---Request sent on Discord but I'll PM ya here too.  :thumb:

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Approved and replied on Discord! :thumb:

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