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« on: Thu, 05 February 2009, 08:00:29 »

I have a different model of one if these, and it is fantastic.  I wouldn't say it is audiophile quality, but it does help you make MP3s from your old vinyl.  That is, if any of you young kids know what that is...  Now get off my lawn!!!

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I still have a TON of records from the 80s, lol. Good ones too. Unfortunately I've already bought cd (and then, mp3) versions of the best ones, but there is a lot of stuff in my record collection that has great nostalgia value.  
I'd buy this turntable except that I already have a decent Sony turntable (which I looked for all over town and eventually found one in an old electronics store that was going out of business). The box had a huge dent in it and I tried to get a discount but the guy wouldnt budge, lol. I think he figured anyone shopping for a turntable doesnt have much choice anyway.

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