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I still dream of my old Logitech MX610, the only 'normal' left-handed mouse I could ever find. Alas, I left the battery in it for a couple years, and the acid destroyed its pcb. Holy moly, why can't somebody make something like this again? Do I really have to create a 3d printed redesign? These ambidextrous mice suck, and I'm getting so, so sick of the rolled eyes from the righty-tighties. Does anybody know of a left-handed mouse that isn't some weird, old, expensive vertical thing?

i have found that the Logitech M500 is quite ambidextrous if you put your hand in a way that does not press the thumb buttons, but logitech stopped making left or even ambidextrous mouse a while back so it is the only one i have found with their free running wheel that can be used left handed, if you are not all about that free mouse wheel then there is the razer deathadder that exist left handed, there may be plenty more options out there but those are the 2 i know of

The Logitech G900/903 are completely ambidextrous, the side buttons are swappable and there's at least one or two good Asus as well that are ambidextrous or close enough.

G900 sells for $70 new on Amazon, not cheap but not bad, the 903 was more or less a revision of the 900 so it's not old.

logitech g300s is a good ambidextrous mouse, although it is a little bit small. I know razer used to make a lefty deathadder, not sure if they still make it.

I have been using an EVGA TORQ X10 since they first came out. I'm not a lefty, but the mouse is perfectly symmetrical, like a lot of old Logitechs were. I just did some quick research, and the software does allow for switching between left and right-handed modes as well. These were never particularly expensive mice, and they seem to be less than $50 just about everywhere to this day.

I have a random old Dell laser mouse in front of me right now too that I found at a Goodwill for 99 cents recently as well. This is also perfectly symmetrical. I imagine it wouldn't be difficult to reverse the mouse buttons with software on any symmetrical mouse, many of which you literally will find in stacks at Goodwills for $1-3 each.


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