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3-Button mouse with separate scroll wheel?

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I'm looking for a genuine 3-button mouse which also has a scroll wheel. I'm playing Rimworld a lot and I'm sick of having to use the scroll wheel as the middle button. Is there such a device on the market?

I would prefer wired, but would settle with wireless if I'd have to.

i have never played rimworld, but wouldn't it be easier to remap to one of the mouse 4 or 5 button? assuming your mouse is a semi gamer mouse and not a very cheap 2 buttons + scrollwheel.
and even if Rimworld doesn't allow remapping, tools like AutoHotKeys will allow you to do that anyway. and if you are feeling particularly adventurous the middle button click is a switch next the the wheel, so you could mod your mouse to deport it somewhere else, or the wheel somewhere else, but those mods will get hard.
i do not know of any off the shelf mouse solution for you sadly.

Thank you Yui.

I do indeed game on an old-school two-button mouse, perhaps it's time to just get a gaming mouse. However, I would really like to have three buttons on top; the gaming mouses I'm familiar with usually have two on top and the others somewhere on the sides, I'm not sure I'd like that. But I haven't really looked much at gaming mouses so far, maybe I should.

Do you have any recommendations in that area?

It is sad that there are so few mice with a proper middle mouse button ... I've got these two in my collection (that I don't use):

Contour Unimouse ... It's an ergonomic mouse with tilt adjustable from semi-vertical to vertical. There is both a wired and a wireless variant (dongle). The shape is not for everyone. The buttons could be remapped in Windows/Mac software but because I use Linux I haven't tried it.

Not really a scroll wheel:
IBM or Lenovo Scrollpoint Mouse, which has a trackpoint-like joystick instead of scroll wheel .. and there is a small third button in front of it. Needs a driver, otherwise the joystick is too sensitive.

Thank you Findecanor.

The Unimouse looks pretty great IMO, albeit a bit pricey (as it's always the case with nice things). But since I tend to switch my mouse hand every now and then, it might not be ideal for me. But still, I do like the concept!

The Lenovo one could also be nice. Do you have to extend your finger to reach the small middle button?


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