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Has anyone put keyboard switches as mouse left and right click yet?

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kailh black stem, jwk bottom, outemu no slot top, gmk silencing clips, and a ball bearing down the pole hole might make a passable mouse switch.  maybe a kailh speed copper stem if you need the tactility that a mouse usually has.

I feel like omron has already perfected the mouse switch personally.


--- Quote from: suicidal_orange on Mon, 10 January 2022, 10:35:06 ---As fohat says, the travel makes keyboard switches a bad fit for a mouse.  They could work if the hinge was at the front of the mouse with a big lever pressing a key switch which was at the back, but you'd need a custom case for that.

Electrically all a switch does is complete the circuit so you could use the internals of any mouse and just handwire the switches to the holes.

--- End quote ---

I think choc jades would be a good fit. I have a bunch just lying around since they are apparently a different generation than the board I was going to swap them into. Yui also made a thread about how they fit into perfboard pretty easily. I kind of want to do the same thing with some car key fobs that have particularly terrible buttons ... but I'm lazy, and don't know how to use CAD or a 3D printer, even though I have an old small one lying around I got for free.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just click an actual keyboard switch and know your car is locked or unlocked due to tactility without watching for the lights?


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