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Ok geekhackers.  Wish there was a way to show your keyboard geekiness while out and about?  Well then, get your very own geekhack t-shirt!

Looks like it will be around $20 a shirt.  Black with the geekhack logo on the front.  (unless someone has a better design idea)  :)

If you are interested, simply reply in this thread with your size and the number if t-shirts you think you'd want.  (just looking for rough numbers...I won't hold it against you if you decide later you don't want one when it is time to purchase)

Ultimately, I think it would be really cool to have a sticky thread with photos of geekhack members wearing them in all sorts of different places around the world (since our members are from all over the world).

Pic of an HHKB on the front, Model M on the back.

You should do something like this:

Ok well, I actually drew a picture, but at the moment I don't have adobe photoshop installed on my computer so I can't stand it... So I Suck at microsoft paint, but I made a rough draft just for the hell of it.

Well basically the T shirt will have "GEEK" in keyboard lettering on the left SIDE of the sleave while ".ORG" will be on the right SIDE of the sleave.

The design will be a collage of keyboards, that will wrap around the body front back and side, no cut offs, the keyboards shown from left to right are IBM Model m, SMK, realforce 86, HHKB, realforce 101, and filco majestouch (if you can make it out by size...?) I think this way people can't really tell that its "just a shirt" and could be a  "hipster scene kid" shirt.

On the other hand I was thinking of a slogan such as "Whats your board" Or "Whats in your board" or "Choose your Switch" and it depicting cherry switch, alps switch, capisistence (spelling?), and bucking spring.

Or possibly "Geek Hack . Org, violating membrane keyboards since 2007? (Believe it or not I think I am the 3/4/5/6 member O_O...? Just never got around to post...) Anyways yeah. What do you guys think?


That sounds like a little much too me.

And by the way, I'll take one is size lardass.


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