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Atari CX85 Numpad (USB modified

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I know this thread is old.  But I have one of these and am thinking about doing this.

Just a couple of questions, looking at the code, it looks like you skipped all of the CX-85s controller.  Did you wire the Teensy directly to the buttons on the CX85?

I was kind of hoping to do it without destroying the board, i.e. hooking to the board the same way the atari db9 plug did.

Any help would be appreciated.



I actually skipped the controller entirely, it's been a while but if you have any specific questions I can probably take the box off and check.

A while ago I picked one of these on ebay for $25, its New Old Stock, never been used.  They have more if anyone is interested.

I managed to make this work without hacking it at all, I can put it back to stock by unplugging the teensy from the mainboard, and hooking the stock atari cord back up. 

The hardest part was to allow it to use media keys, thats way more complex than it needs to be.

Just wired a teensy to the mainboard and wrote my first teensy program.  Amazingly it worked.

Source code here:

Awesome! Like that "longcat" enter XD

I have a CX85 and want to do this.  I cannot find a clear diagram of how to wire in the Teensy 2 to the keypad.   Anyone have this diagram handy?


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