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[eBay] SA profile 'Lime' Double Shot MX ABS keycaps Signature Plastics



SA profile 'Lime' Double Shot MX compatible ABS keycaps by Signature Plastics

This is a brand new set of 'Lime' MX compatible ABS Doubleshot keycaps by Signature Plastics. Full details can be found on the Signature Plastics/Pimp My Keyboard website. This auction includes the Alpha, Modifier, TKL Adders, and Color kits.

Only selling as moved to using a Colemak layout and these are sculpted to qwerty layout!

Here is some official blurb...

"This keyset comes with light and dark grey keycaps, accented with a hint of bright lime green. This is an ABS two-shot keyset molded is colors VAT/WFK, GUH/VAT (dark gray) and GUK/VBQ (light gray). This is a sculptured keyset: R1, R1, R2, R3, R4, R3.
GUH is a custom color match to Pantone 430C and GUK is a custom color match to Pantone 5455C.."


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