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What your fav mouse?

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--- Quote from: LogLab on Mon, 09 October 2023, 17:32:29 ---
vertical is so comfortable for me

--- End quote ---

True "vertical" mice suck, in my opinion, because pushing a button moves the mouse (equal and opposite reaction) and you must restrain it with your thumb, an unnatural motion.

I love pseudo-vertical mice (which might better be called "diagonal") because you get the advantage of better wrist geometry but can keep the body of the device steady as you push the buttons. I started with a Wow Joy Pen years ago and when it died I got an Anker which I like better. Too bad they don't make a left-hand version because I keep mice on both sides, but a trusty Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical is a good simple ambidextrous choice for my secondary mouse.

I agree completely man; vertical mice mean thumbstrain. Hated using one.

rn i use a Fantech Aria XD7 (switched from a Razer Orochi V2 which i loved also) and I really love it but the battery life is so garbage even compared to the Orochi so im trying to find if theres something similar i can get with better battery... might just have to go back to the Orochi

for work i use an MX Master 3S which is great but the shape and weight arent ideal for gaming obviously

Been using a Shark SK137G wireless mouse at work. I like it because it's in between vertical and horizontal (but a lot more comfortable). It feels like it follows the natural curve of my wrist/hand.

Logitech G1 cuz I have small hands :rolleyes:


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