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--- Quote from: xsphat ---iMav, why the Endura Pro? that seems like an odd suggestion coming from you.
--- End quote ---

If you want one on the cheap, check out this auction.

I put together a lap desk which is a pretty solution for my problem, but thanks anyway.

And a full sized keyboard on my lap, one that weighs as much as my laptop, isn't the most appealing thought.

I'm thinking about buying one of these:


--- Quote from: xsphat ---I'm thinking about buying one of these:
--- End quote ---

I've never had a problem with a laptop directly on my lap.  

In fact this is how I use my thinkpad 90% of the time:


My MacBook gets hot. In fact, Apple doesn't recommend users use the lappies directly on the lap. I use a board now, and it work alright, but it could be more comfortable on the legs. Who knows, maybe I'll just make something. I have  a feeling I need a project to get the rest of the crap in my life temperately out of my head.

In a way, I am wondering if I am going insane.


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