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An alternative to bridge keyboards


How about if a manufacturer made keyboard wrist wrest with a trackpad in the centre, I'm sure people like imav would love it. course with a logitech marble would be even better and the ability to improve the tilt/stability of the keyboard would be a good bonus too. Just thinking aloud anyway, I used to be good at track balls, but at the moment the mouse is my pointing device of choice and i am useless at ball pointers now though.

Another way of pointing i've imagined is, imagine a pointing device that would move based on tilting the keyboard when u pressed a button, this would not take the space of a trackball or trackpad but still require the usual right, click left click even a scroll and of course the move mouse button. But the drawbacks is the moveable keyboard that might need to be reset once you wanna type, might even be heavy and/or larger depending on tilt mechanism

Or how about the perfect, integrated solution that already exists??  THE TRACKPOINT!!!!!


the next generation pointing devices will have to be biometric to impress me.  a good wireless mouse and a trackpad for emergencies on laptop....and a trackman marble for home and I'm good till then.

The only stop gap I would ask for in the meantime is a BLUETOOTH trackman marble, but oh well.  as it is the trackman's receiver is plastered under the desk, out of sight.


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