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A trip to Wisconsin, visiting SmallFry and family, future memorial plans

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i'm trying to get the pictures up and curated somewhat for public consumption but someone decided to cut an onion in the other room. thanks for writing that up cpt. i don't think i could make it through the whole story...

Very powerful and moving write up brother..  thanks for the update and post

This is an incredibly emotional read.  I'm really thankful to the Walter family for letting us visit them like this.  Thank you for the write up CPT, I really appreciate it.  And I'm sure others appreciate getting a glimpse at the experience.

Also, for the sake of giving credit where credit is due, it was not I who gave the Friends and Family key at the roadside memorial.  I believe it was Mashby.

Great and touching read, I hope we can do a couple of things to help the cause of the Walter family.

Thank you for letting me get to know Smallfry more.  Thank you.


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