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Custom Pre-Built Soarer's Converters and Teensy USB Cables Molded for Model M's

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Here are ebay links to the pre-built Soarer's Converters that I have been working on having made for a while now:

PLEASE NOTE - if you PM me and ask to be invoiced directly for the items you want instead of buying through ebay, I will give you 10% off your order!

SDL Version:

PS/2 Version:

XT/AT Version 180 Degree 5 Pin DIN:

RJ45 Version for IBM Model M Terminal:

Model F 122 Key Version:

Also had some Teensy USB Mini B Male to USB A Male cables made for installing internal Teensys for use in Model M's and 122 Key Model F's that have the same type of stress relief/cable retainer to make installation easy and professional looking:

6ft Version:

10ft Version:

omg, how did you get these done so professionally? And how did you incorporate a teensy into these cables without it showing?

Very impressive.  Incoming PM...

These are very nice, clean, and simple.

I have one and it just works.

This is ridiculously cool. Nice work.


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