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Soarer's WYSE Converter firmware

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--- Quote from: Tactile on Thu, 22 December 2022, 10:03:46 ---This response makes it look like the Soarer's is properly flashed & working.
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Keep in mind that I have experience with Soarer's but none with the Wyse converter & know nothing about Wyse keyboards.

Are you using a pullup resistor?

--- End quote ---

EDIT: So, apparently on some of those keyboards the wires inside are backwards. If anyone comes across this thread and can't get it to work, they might be reversed.
Only do this if you wired it right but it doesn't work.

Black -> Data -> PD0
Red -> +5V -> VCC
Green -> Clock -> PD1
Yellow -> GND -> GND

Found it here:

hi all, super new here. I've always loved old clickity keyboards and we had this old Verizon data room at work. They were getting rid of everything but I found the last Wyse 85 Gate Array and want to make it work. I'm not into computers at all (not even gaming), I don't even know how to code, I just want to use my clicky keyboard. I read through this and a couple other threads - can someone please explain to me like I'm 5 years old?

They don't make Teensy 2.0 anymore, is there anything else I can buy that will work?  I have the phone cable-like string that came with it.  Do I need to physically buy anything else for this project?  (What is soldering, is it like mini welding - will I need physical tools?)


--- Quote from: geekera on Sun, 28 May 2023, 10:44:42 ---
They don't make Teensy 2.0 anymore

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I don't know anything about WYSE, but although PJRC stopped making Teensy 2.0, there is still plenty of "new old stock" available on ebay.


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