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Title: External storage devices
Post by: fohat.digs on Sat, 27 November 2021, 11:33:20
I went online to search for 1TB external storage to give my children copies of family photos and videos, etc.

Ebay shows prices down in the $20 range for supposed 1TB SSD drives with USB-C connection.

Is that legit? I haven't bought any hardware in over a year and it seems insanely cheap after hearing gloom and doom for many months.
Title: Re: External storage devices
Post by: Leslieann on Sat, 27 November 2021, 21:19:58
Absolutely not.
When in doubt, compare them to drives newegg is selling, in this case 1tb ssd are at minimum $100.

Also as I mentioned in another thread, beware buying from Amazon, especially SSDs, many parts get binned with the same part numbers but many are imported from Asia and some manufacturers can be real sticklers about where a product gets warrantied. Samsung in particular has been known to force you to send it overseas to the market it actually was intended to get warrantied.
If you do need to do through Amazon, make sure it's sold direct by the manufacturer, while not the best for speeds due to swapping chips without making it known (though far from alone* and they do seem reliable), Adata sells direct through Amazon and Newegg so if there's an issue you're covered. The same cannot be said if you buy a Samsung ssd from Amazon.

*Almost every company has been nailed for swapping chips and slowing their SSDs after release, including Samsung.