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(FIXED) Help! a whole column in my xd60 stopped working

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YEEEES!!! Finally!!!

I have pacience but this was really difficult, specially soldering a single copper wire to the chip. Even though this is my first DIY mechanical keyboard it feels awesome to revive it this way.

It might be NSFW for you guys, but i had to protect that wire with tape. It prevents it from moving and from touching any other electrical parts, the wire doesnt have the coating after all...

But it works :D

Im really grateful suicidal_orange, and i hope this post will help someone in the future.

Very clean, your patience paid off :thumb:

You're right about holding the wire and stopping it from shorting but tape looses it's sticky and falls off so hot glue would be the SFW choice.

I always say a DIY board isn't really unless it's got a jumper or two, most are big and obvious but few are anything like as tidy as this fix.  Enjoy!


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