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Jeeze they should make it easier to find keycaps. -_-

superb post found...


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Sure, but relative to everything else, key caps are pretty hard to come by. I can't just go online and search for a blue backspace key with white lettering, to buy individually (Is there such a place to buy individual keys?) . I'm just left with buying whole sets of keys, and most of them are otaku style, with no letters/symbols... And the one's that are available are the one's that I don't really want (more black keys w/ white letters, white keys with black letters, etc.) There are also group buys, which are scarce, and the cycle takes a long time to finish.

hashbaz: just opened up shop selling, among other things, individual ABS keycaps in several colors.

Unicomp sells individual keys for their boards, with custom colors available.


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