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So I just recently bought a Das Professinal S (Yay my first mechanical keyboard!)

I'm looking to change out some key caps.. but I'm one of those guys that likes consistency/slight OCD.
What kind of keycaps (PBT vs ABS) should I be looking for so that the original DAS keys and the new ones feel all the same.

I'm thinking about checkering (white/black) my keyboard and I wouldn't be happy if half my keys felt different from the new ones I put in.

Thanks Guys!

If you contact wasdkeyboards, I think he might be able to customize a checkered set of keycaps to your liking.

While PBT caps are generally more durable than ABS, WASDKeyboards has some great-feeling keycaps.  That, and since they can get you a set of checkered caps all from the same material, printing, etc., you won't have to worry about them looking/feeling different, or having to buy 2 sets of caps to get the look you're after.

I am able to confirm with 99% confidence that WASD keys feel the same as DAS keys and have a similar light-reflective nature.

Thanks for the quick response guys.


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