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[IC]ePBT Simple Hangul - A simple colorway set - GB Live - waiting for GB page

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--- Quote from: sagarsiddhpura on Tue, 13 July 2021, 14:13:12 ---Dont like the fact that you need to buy two kits to get red alert look

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didn't you also need to buy 2 kits for Red alert?

Edit: plus the base kit already has the hangul mods so having the red numrow and f row will be a little much imo

Why racing?

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--- Quote from: Alejo1707 on Tue, 13 July 2021, 14:45:48 ---Why racing?

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Well, to be blunt it rolls off the tongue and all the simple names i wanted were used. I know typing races are a thing soooooo I put two and two together. Sorry if its not a triple layered explanation.

mm - doesn't cut it for me, extra alphas are interesting but every other kit feels kinda bloated and the set itself looks too similar to ra

Set looks great. Just wanted to mention that in Korea (and some other countries too I believe), writing someone’s name in red means they have passed away or that you wish them harm, so many ppl avoid writing in red. Not sure how that would translate to keycap legends though.


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