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[IC] Rama Kara Bluetooth PCB

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Hello fellow enthusiasts, are there any other people interested in a bluetooth enabled Rama Kara pcb? If so please sound down below!

Tentative features:
Bluetooth enabled via ZMK (similar to QMK but for bluetooth)
Per-key RGB
Underglow RGB
Flex cuts for alphas

Make something that works first, then come back  ;)


--- Quote from: lukelex on Thu, 29 July 2021, 06:53:43 ---Make something that works first, then come back  ;)

--- End quote ---
Interested in such PCB as well, but what lukelex is true, a proto goes a long way.

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What you've done here is interpret the phrase "interest check" literally (and why wouldn't you). What Geekhack actually means by "interest check" is "this the place to share fully fleshed out projects that are almost ready for production".

I don't have the board, but I'd be willing to bet that there's a market for it if you can produce the PCBs (BT boards have a history of being very finicky).

check other IC's before doing this, you need to put in the work before pitching your idea, not just some text to see if people are interested.
also flexcuts ain't gonna do much with a layer of silicone + hotswap lol


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