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Colt 60% Gasket-mounted Keyboard

In the current climate, it seems that 65% & 75% keyboards have taken over the GB market. I wanted to take the MK community back to, what I consider, our roots, which is the classic 60%. The goal of this project is to design a 60% keyboard that incorporates every aspect of the most popular keyboards.

To Do:
Find a CAD designer and create some renders for the first prototype
Upload render album to GH
Start an IC thread hear on GH
Order first prototype & upload pictures
Post IC thread to r/mechanicalkeyboards & r/mechgroupbuys
Gather info from the IC's and make changes to the design if needed
Upload new renders to GH
Order 2nd Proto. (If needed)
Run final IC on GH and on Reddit
Finalize price & quantity
Determine sale type (Raffle or FCFS)
Run GB