Author Topic: What do people do with the extra key-caps in the key-cap kit they purchased?  (Read 1224 times)

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I'm curious because I bet there are a lot of nice leftover key-caps for different layouts which aren't being used and probably never will. For example people in the US will use the ANSI and will have leftovers from ISO and vice versa for the Europeans. I wonder how many useful sets could be made if people started trading their leftover caps. Consider all the GMK caps which are just collecting dust.

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I don't do anything with my leftover keycaps unless I need to fill in a weird layout. Had to do this because the womier k66 has a weird layout, haha.


Honestly, I wouldn't feel super comfortable splitting up my keycap sets in case I ever wanted to sell them or try a new layout.

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I often think about how useful a market type thing would be designed specifically for selling and trading single keys from keysets. I often find that when a set doesnít specifically cover my ortho board that I could cover it myself, I would just have to spend $300 on 5 kits when I only need 48 keys. And as you said, you can often nearly cover two by buying two sets of alphas and one set of mods. A couple people Iíve encountered will be offended at the mere mention of splitting up a kit, though.